Kim Cox, Owner, PackRat Solutions

I have a dream...a dream of a Clutter-Free World, where people can live comfortably, after discovering their own system and not feel burdened by their stuff.


My Passion

Nothing gives me more joy than to work in a job where I help people get organized. Joining with my clients as they start their journey, it's not about finding a temporary fix, but to discover what the clients' systems of organization brings them the most balance in their lives. This does not look the same across all people. Every individual has his/her own way of organizing the same pile of stuff. Just as I learned in my counseling training, I take an eclectic approach to all clients -- this means that each client has a unique experience.

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My Specialty

With my educational and training background including psychology, counseling, and other action techniques, I specialize in the letting go of sentimental items. This includes not only looking at what you are ready to part with, but also what you want to keep, finding a way to integrate it more into a place in your life that doesn't feel burdensome.

What motivates me?

Going back to the age of The Depression in the 1930s, humans have learned from their parents, grandparents, and society that it's important to hold on...hold on to gifts, hold on to necessities, hold on to everything. This learned behavior (and may be genetic as well), combined with societal messages encouraging us to buy, buy, buy, has resulted in houses full of stuff and people feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed, and helpless. While there are researchers examining closely the trends and causes behind all of this, I want to do what I can to help before too many people get stuck under their stuff.

I hope what you've read above gives you a good picture of my passion, specialty, and what motivates me to do this service. It is my passion to help others, and I believe it is through this organizational work that I can help people the best way possible. 

Kim Cox, MA, Owner of PackRat Solutions

Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.”
— Maya Angelou