Book junk removal for your home or business, including offices, retail locations, construction sites and more. Their friendly team is happy to meet all of your junk hauling needs. With my services, I can get you a discount on their services.


Evernote is a wonderful daily tool to keep to-do lists, links to articles to read later, my Amazon wish list (and other wish lists of family and friends), as well as other spontaneous notes and pictures I want to save.


Conquering Chronic Disorganization is filled with real-life stories of people who ended clutter, mismanaged time, and paper pile-ups in the home or office by using the book’s simple and innovative proven-in-the field methods. Written by the nation’s foremost authority on chronic disorganization, Judith Kolberg, Conquering is an excellent resource for chronically disorganized individuals and the people who love them, teachers and students, employers, mental health practitioners, professional organizers, and coaches. 

Making Peace with the Things in Your Life is a guide to understanding why your possessions keep overwhelming you and what to do about it. It was written by a professional organizer and psychotherapist, Cindy Glovinsky.