What My Clients are Saying...

"What to do when my husband - national speaker/research physician/mad scientist/game inventor/packrat with zillions of files in his home office - was in recovery from a broken femur? (not yet knowing, he was in recovery from his organizational chaotic strategies!) Each day, he needed important pages, letters and files from his office, and he would send me upstairs to find them. I would twirl around amidst the chaos, thinking this is impossible, as it was UNTIL Kim Cox arrived. She was able to create a system that not only worked in finding things, but clearing out things, and creating continuity as life continued through its ever present chaotic state! Kim even communicated via walkie-talkie, upstairs to downstairs, so they could make decisions and agreements together. Most "organizers" turn your life into chaos on their way to order - not Kim. She prioritized and organized, and we are totally grateful to her. You need help? Call her now!" - W.M., Kensington, MD

"Kim was a godsend when I needed to organize my chaotic workspace. She stepped in as a real partner to help me make decisions about my stuff and to set up a customized office system that I have been able to maintain with ease. She was wonderful to work with - very professional, personable, and non-judgmental. I highly recommend Kim of PackRat Solutions for any organizing project you have." - M.F., Somerville, MA

“Kim has done an amazing job, patiently helping me through one of the worst times of my life which - among other things - included disposing of many items I had collected over the years. Emotionally it was very difficult for me to distinguish between important items and items to discard. Kim was encouraging and kept me on task. Kim has also checked in on me and helped me with other personal organizing tasks for which I am so very grateful!” - R.T., Andover, MA