PackRat Solutions provides services to help you organize your clutter, with a specialty in support and assistance with sentimental items.

What Happens First?

  • Initial Assessment to meet and discuss your needs. This is complimentary, whether we work together or not.
  • Service Agreement with details agreed upon in assessment. All client information is kept confidential.
  • Schedule set for optimal time to work together, including estimate of sessions, based on the initial agreement.


  • Break down clutter into smaller working piles that are manageable.
  • Create a structured timeframe to manage the clutter (I'm a huge fan of not doing it all at once).
  • Help you discover your organizational preferences (i.e. visual, auditory, etc.).
  • Assist you with finding any necessary tools to help you file papers, make donations, move items to the trash, and save important items.
  • For sentimental items, we will spend a little more time together exploring how best to preserve those memories, whether you decide to keep the items or not.

Non-judgment / Normalization / Join in Struggle / Support  

New Discovery / Promote Development

"Keep" "Donate" "Sell" "Trash" 

Brainstorm New Ideas / Seek Alternatives  

Empowerment / Maintain & Follow Up

If you have questions or to request additional information about PackRat Solutions' Services, click on the Contact button above.

Steadily Skipping Stones interviewed Kim Cox, Owner of PackRat Solutions, on October 8, 2013. Click on any of the links below to listen to some clips from that interview or open the original post here